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organizational change management and digital adoption
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Our team has been managing organizational change and digital adoption professionally since 2006. We know from our own experience what the “valley of tears” and “the change curve” mean, and we help our clients’ employees quickly and happily embrace the change in technology, structures and business processes. We have our own formula for that: “The Change Formula”.

Why you need to manage
changes and digital adoption
  • Insufficient level of employees readiness
  • Low motivation and involvement
  • Communicational issues
  • High level of resistance
  • Significant decrease in duration of the valley of tears phase for project team members and employees
  • Program is done in time, scope and budget
  • Decrease in the number of user mistakes in IT systems
increase in acceptance
level of new IT systems and
business processes
One third
the possibility of employees
sabotaging the digital
transformation program
the possibility
of fulfilling a digital transformation
program in time,
budget and scope
drop in human error faults in IT systems
higher ROI on digital transformation
How do we
do this
We support the digital transformation and change programs
We provide all types of services related to organizational change and digital adoption
We conduct training in organizational change
We train users in new IT systems
If SAP, Oracle or any other new IT system is being implemented in your organization and you are looking for a partner who can provide the users fast, high quality training – contact us
We provide the IT users support services
We provide an entirely new approach to digital adoption: innovative software UNADESK
We have brought to market a first-in-class software platform which decrease the pressures of digital adoption, IT training and IT users support: UNADESK
Gain the support
of sponsors and all the stakeholders
Communication &
Provide employees with
the information on the upcoming changes,
increase the acceptance
Analyse the organizational
structure and business processes
so the employees can work
according to the new rules
Training and
Training and enable the employees
to work in the new systems and processes
Access the organizational
readiness to change
Why are
we unique?
We love what we do!
Our team has successfully fulfilled change management in over 50 SAP and other IT systems implementation projects.
We have excellent experience in providing services online and in hybrid format (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.) highly relevant to the new normal.
Our team is multilingual. We have successfully accomplished projects in Europe, Americas, APJ and OPEC regions.
Our multi-disciplinary teams are comprised of consultants, trainers, technical experts and programmers, allowing us to speak our customers’ language.

IT entrepreneur, digital adoption and organizational change management expert.

Elena started her career at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, where she worked in change management for more than 6 years and participated in creating the global SAP change management methodology.

Elena has more than 15 years of successful management of global digital transformation programs in Germany, Serbia, UAE, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The winner of EY “Women entrepreneur of the year – 2020” in IT.

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Digital adoption and organizational change management consulting
Organizational change strategy and plan development
Managing change in digital transformation projects
Communications management
Training and Enablement
Organizational alignment
Organizational change management training programs
Organization change management - introduction (2 days)
Organizational change management – advanced (3 days)
TTT (train-the-trainer) course
Online organizational change management course (7 days + 1 month support/coaching)
Users training at SAP, Oracle and other IT systems
Training & Enablement strategy and plan development
Learning needs analysis
Training materials development, including SAP Enable NOW implementation
Training conducting
Users knowledge assessment
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management course
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new Digital Adoption platform

UNADesk is the employees personal working space

Thanks to its user friendliness, flexibility, maximum integration points and AI core, UNADESK helps employees to fulfil their daily routine faster and more effectively and free up time for more intellectual tasks. UNADESK significantly decreases training and IT support needs and doubles business processes speeds.

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Examples of
our projects
Oil&Gas, Kazakhstan
Oil&Gas, Kazakhstan

Goal: To form and implement organizational change plan within a new ERP system implementation project. Increase the acceptance level of employees to the new ERP system.
Solution: The project lasted for more than 2 years and was complicated not only in strategy development, but also in implementation. Communication and training materials had to be very simple and clear, attracting employees’ attention. There was a shift method of work, adding challenges: all activities were repeated for each shift. As a result the users started to understand the new business processes, they always had the information needed at hand, their acceptance level to the new ERP system increased and new habits were formed.


Goal: Forming the global SAP training center as a department of the global Center of Excellence.
Solution: Our team developed the processes for user training and enablement in the business-as-usual phase. We developed the training center organizational structure that was accepted as the company’s standard for all branches. Together with the client we developed the plan for employees’ involvement activities in the new processes, created and implementing a corresponding communication plan. As a result, the employees’ knowledge in SAP increased significantly, the number of employees’ mistakes was drastically reduced. Thanks to this effective structure, the Client substantially reduced costs in training and user support.

Transportation, Russia
Transportation, Russia

Goal: Developing the organizational change management strategy, administration and conducting users training in a new IT system, end users support after the Go-live
Solution: We started from strategy formation but the deadlines were tight: within 2 months we had to train more then 5 000 IT users in several cities. Our teams developed training materials and successfully conducted the training, including the online portion. Thanks to the fast reactions of our team and our smart approach, the project was recognized as very successful and employees were properly prepared by Go-live.

Developer, Dubai
Developer, Dubai

Goal: Track the organizational changes in an SAP implementation project, employees communication support
Solution: Here we offered a creative approach to communication and user support processes. As all the employees were sitting in an open-space office, we provided yellow and red flags for Go-live days. Whenever an issue arose, employees could either call support or raise a flag to summon floating support team members to help to solve the issue.

Organizational change management
It’s all about people
<span>Organizational change management</span><br>It’s all about people

The changes in a company normally involve three elements: business processes, IT and people. Unfortunately, program leaders invariably tend to neglect the people, even though change is a major source of employee stress and all too often lies at the root of problems in any digitalization program. That’s why it is so important to consider the “human factor” from the first moment a transformation idea comes to mind.

An extensive body of research exists supporting the importance of working carefully with people during transformations. For example, Gartner, a well-known research company – proclaimed that a mere 25% of failures in digital transformation programs are caused by technical issues. The other 75% can be attributed to the human factor. By human factor we understand sabotage of innovations, mistakes and errors in IT systems caused by erroneous human data entry, be it intentional or otherwise, all the same frustrating old problems we have all seen before.

Managing this process necessitates the use of every organizational change management tool we have available to us: communications, motivation, training and organizational alignment. Our purpose is to effectively leverage all of these in order to smoothly transition your employees to the new normal way of working.

Issues raised
during digitalization projects:
<span>Organizational change management</span><br>It’s all about people
Online OCM course
Do you want to improve your skills in organizational change management (OCM) and get the support of experienced change managers for 1 month after the course?
If you are a digital transformation leader and want to gain deeper understanding of change methodology and tools,
If you lead the change management stream and want to get more hands-on experience to better fulfil your KPIs,
If there is a transformation happening in your organization and you would like to know how to be better prepared for it,
If you are interested in digital adoption and organizational change management and you would like to benefit from a more strategic and tactic view?
What will you get
7 days,
1 course each day
Hands-on experience
after each course
The best methodologies in change management.
Rather than leaning too heavily
on any one methodology,
we draw from them all.
Examples from consultants’
and experts’ professional experience
Individual support /
coaching within 1 month
after the course
After taking
a certification test
you'll be able to get
a certificate
Enroll in a change
management course
Why do you want to take this course?
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